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Ceramiche Simonetti

The Ceramiche Simonetti artisan workshop continues a five-century tradition in the ceramic art of Castelli, founded and directed by the master ceramist Giovanni Simonetti since 1967. Using traditional methods such as the pedal lathe and the wood-fired oven, the workshop maintains the ancient tradition of Castellana ceramics, producing rigorously hand-crafted and hand-painted pieces of art. With the contribution of qualified and artistically gifted workers, the production of Ceramiche Simonetti stands out for its finely hand-decorated majolica, which evokes past eras with a fascinating palette of colors and glazes. The collection offers shapes and designs suitable to meet the needs of modern living, with continuous stylistic research guaranteed by collaboration with internationally renowned artists and designers such as Giancarlo Sciannella, Ernesto Treccani, Gino Marotta and others.