Two stories characterize us. The first of these stories we call Serendipity. It is the story of encounters born by chance, in moments of life that different people met on the same journey. It is the story of how the meeting between Giuseppe and Cristian was born and then how the spontaneous and passionate friendship with Alessandro and the fascinating knowledge of Marta was born. Meetings born at the right time in the right place, outlined by the passion to do something new with the skills one already possessed.

The digital ones of Cristian and Giuseppe, those of retail and concept development of Alessandro and those of design and style of Marta. This same magic of meeting was what appeared with the knowledge of the first shops, in our native land: Puglia. And here the other story begins.

the other story

The second story of Musealo is a story of trust. Trust in the work of others, trust in ideas and trust in the heritage of our territory. These three ingredients: work, ideas and territory are the ones we put on the table when we introduced ourselves to the first artisans to involve them in the project and they are the ones they themselves are teaching us to cultivate, every day. The trust they have in us fills us with pride and the trust we have placed in them opens us up to discovery.

Musealo's mission is to make crafts wear sneakers: making them usable, accessible, revealing their true face, without filters and superstructures, without dedicating it to a few enthusiasts. Designed for style explorers and serial discoverers, for young people who plan their future or who want to convey affection with a gift, for families and friends who want to share a moment to feel connected by the simple and disarming wonder you feel when you share something Pretty. We are a brand that has the ambition to bring the reality of the shops into the home, combining the skills and traditions of every Italian region, city and village.

Musealo, handmade dreams.