Ceramics, painting

Dalila Chessa

Since my childhood, I have cultivated a passion for different art forms, including opera singing which accompanied me until I graduated from the Conservatory of Music. My education includes a diploma from the Grosseto Art School, a degree in Scenography from the Academy of Fine Arts and a diploma in Singing from the Conservatory. After graduating, I expanded my education with specialization courses in Photography and Ceramics, the latter at the Meridiana Ceramic School and the Montelupo Fiorentino School of Ceramics. Over the years, ceramics has taken on a central role in my artistic life, representing a tangible art to touch and experience on a daily basis. My artistic research focuses on the observation of the natural world and the intrinsic bond between man and nature, narrated through ceramic works that explore an equal encounter between living beings, without distinctions. For me, this represents the path towards a vital balance and the return to the ancient bond between humanity and nature.