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AP Pottery Lab

I am Patrizia Aleo, born as an interior designer, but my personal path led me to encounter ceramics, a "combination appointment" that aroused my interest. It wasn't love at first sight, but the charm of clay and its transformation into something new, unique and eternal awakened the creative in me. I prefer the lathe and manual techniques, especially the plate technique. I mainly use stoneware, choosing the types based on the desired effect, appreciating its materiality which offers a tactile experience of comfort. The durability of stoneware fits well with my pieces being functional for everyday use. I glass the pieces with glazes sampled by me, aware of the unpredictable surprises of the kiln. Experimenting with new materials and techniques is an exciting aspect of this art for me. I imagine that the pieces that I have curated with love and attention, respecting the timing of the process, can one day enrich the daily lives of those who choose them, giving a special touch to every environment.